My Plan

So I came up with a little plan.....a plan to ride my bike around the entire world. Sure there will be a few oceans that I will need to cross in an airplane, and maybe a few different ferry boats, but besides these areas I will only be riding my bike! The ride will be self supported which just means that I won't have a support team helping me with bike repairs, or food deliveries, or giving me a place to stay each night.  Now there will still likely be many people that will choose to help me along the way. There are always many random encounters on trips like this where people will offer me food, or invite me to stay the night at their house. Oh and by the way I will be riding the entire way barefoot. That's right, I will not be taking any shoes with me at all. I'll just be barefoot out there on the open roads doing my thing.

Camping out in the Andes Mountains in Ecuador

I will be doing a mix of camping out and staying in hostels along the way. I try to camp out as much as possible because I love camping and also because it is the cheapest option. The type of camping I will be doing is called stealth camping. I have been doing it for years now and in hundreds of different places. I consider myself an expert on it at this point. Stealth camping is camping in places that aren't necessarily designated for camping. These places could be on farms, under bridges, behind abandoned buildings, in caves, or on the beach. Any place that looks secluded or private that you won't be noticed before morning. The possibilities are endless. Despite all this stealth camping there will be times when I need a warm shower or I need to charge up my devices. Also if I am in a big city there won't likely be a whole lot of stealth camping spots. That's when the hotels come in. I will stay in hotels periodically throughout the trip as well.

I plan to start my ride in the USA and work my way though the 6 inhabited continents. It will likely take between one and two years, but it is really hard to give an accurate estimate on just how long a trip of this caliber will take. Even though I have done long bike rides in the past my estimations are not usually on point. There are just way too many variables.

I will be updating this website throughout my journeys and I have created a YouTube channel called "BarefootBiker" and uploading videos of the ride. You should head over to my account and subscribe if you haven't already!

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