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After reading my page about "My Plan" you might be asking yourself how is he gonna do that ride? How will he fund that? Won't he need a lot of visas? Where will he stay? What will he eat? Those are all good questions and I hope to shed some light on them.

The first and most important question I'll try to answer is "How will he fund it?"

Well I will rely mostly on savings that I have been amassing for quite some time now, but I will also be starting up a YouTube channel that I hope will be able to help generate some income while I am on the road. I know that YouTube is a very competitive market and I will be getting my YouTube channel started from scratch, but hey you gotta start somewhere. I plan to upload videos on a regular basis showcasing the foods, cultures, sights, and people of the vastly different areas I will be riding through. I also will be showing how I camp out in various places and cook my own food on the road.

Having some fun during a lunch break in Colombia.

As for the other questions. Yes I will need to get a few travel visas throughout the ride, but the vast majority of the countries I will ride through are visa free. Of the countries I will ride in, only a few in Africa and a few in Asia require visas.

As for where I will stay and what I will eat, those will vary greatly based on where I am riding. If I am riding in the Amazon jungle, Himalayas, or the Outback there will likely be such an abundance of natural land and lack of people that I will surely be able to find suitable wild camping spots. If I am in a large city like New Dehli,  Mexico City, or Tokyo I will likely pay for a cheap hostel to stay in for a night or two.

What I will eat will largely be dependent on where I am riding as well. I try to eat local as much as I can. Local foods are usually the cheapest option and also give the best look at a country or region's culture.

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